Anna Caruso - la lettera di mio padre, acrilico su tela, 200x135 cm, 2015 pp

La lettera di mio padre, acrylic on canvas, 200×135 cm

Anna Caruso - Non ricordo mio padre #, acrilico su tela, 80x120cm, 2015pp

Non ricordo mio padre, acrylic on canvas, 80×120 cm

Anna Caruso -Non ricordo mio padre, 80x120cm, acrilico su tela, 2015pp

Non ricordo mio padre #2, acrylic on canvas, 80×120 cm

Anna Caruso - Untitled, acrilico su tela, 50x50cm, 2015m

Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 50×50 cm

Anna Caruso - A casa tutti bene, acrilico su tela, 50x60cm, 2015pp

A casa tutti bene, acrylic on canvas, 50×60 cm

Anna CaRUSO- facciamo un pò di chiarezza, acrilico su tela, 50z60cm, 2015pp

Facciamo chiarezza, acrylic on canvas, 60×50 cm

Anna Caruso - 60x50cm, acrilico su tela, 2015ppp

Non riesco a saltare la corda, acrylic on canvas, 60×50 cm

The sense of my work is portrayed through a continuous dialogue woven between memory and space, in a dimension of quantum uncertainty. The themes take their roots from autobiographic events, manipulating disconnected memories and juvenile fears, delineated in the figures of fragmented girls, to evocate the falsehoods that lie within vague memories. The other figures used, inspired by old vintage photos, are painted in shades of grey. Purposely abstracted from their own context; reminding us of suspended dialogue with the present day. As with all my work, the observer is invited to create his own feelings, freely and independently, inside the white portion; the absent space. For this purpose the painted portion creates disorder of thought, with unstructured figures and disorientated signs. Transparency and overlapping creates simultaneous visions which move the observer away from the crux of the action: reminding us that nothing could be real or definitive, as everything passes through our own personal filters which reelaborate and multiply their significances to us.